If you created it, you should own it, and then license it!

You wrote some songs then you decided to record them and let friends listen. Then you sent the songs out into the world for all to hear.

Now what?

You could hope someone hears your songs with some sort of magical music authority and will pitch it and help sell it. Or, you could organize your band or brand and get your music business in order to avoid confusion and monetize your music!

Code 3 Records Artist Services is all the stuff artists don’t want to do, done for them.

Metadata Organization

Royalty Collection Agency Registration

Monetization/Revenue Streams

Sync Licensing Opportunities

US Copyright Registration

Social Media Marketing Plugs

Code 3 Records Monthly Spotify Playlist sent to thousands of music fans all over the world!

Artist Friendly & Affordable!

Lets Get Started with Questionnaire Part 1

This questionnaire helps us learn more about your music and ways we can help you with your music. Click the link below. 



What can we help you with?





Production Assistance, Song Registrations/Music Monetization and Sync Licensing Opportunities are a “process” and we can get you through it! At the end of the process we can show you how to take control over any future music projects yourself or we will be available for your next album and/or single 🙂

How Code 3 Records Artist Services works:

  • 4 Artist Questionnaires to be completed by artist.

  • Begin artist, songwriter and publisher registrations.

  • After all your registrations are completed your music will be submitted to sync licensing opportunities for 12 months.

  • Monthly Progress Reports sent at the end of each month for 12 months giving you updates about where we are in the process.

*Our Artist Questionnaires must be completed at the start of the process and are necessary to move the process forward.
*All selected songs will be added to the C3R music library.
*Keep in mind that every project we work on is unique and tailored specifically to each artist.