Code 3 Records Artist Services is changing the Music Industry and allowing all music creators to be compensated fairly.

Code 3 Records Artist Services, is a new kind of business serving the music industry that works for the artist and helps them develop their talent, organize their personal brand, control their intellectual property, market, monetize, and license their music. We have 200% clearance on all of the music in our catalog making licensing music seamless. “We believe if you created it, you should own it, and then license it!”

We are helping artists all over the world take control of their publishing and organizing their music metadata so that they are ready to license and monetize their music. Then we pitch their music to sync licensing opportunities !

We have found from talking to artists all over the world, ALL artists are interested in licensing their music. But NOT All artists are ready to license their music. That is where we come in and organize their metadata, set them up with distribution if needed, as well as create accounts with organizations that collect royalties globally and retroactively! We also provide the artists we work with social media marketing plugs and include their music on the Code 3 Records Spotify playlist.