Code3 Records is an independent Record Label and Music Publishing Firm. Founded by Musicians, we have over 10 years experience placing our artists’ music in film, television, radio and video games. Our client list includes: Showtime, Comedy Central, MTV, Discovery Channel, The Ovation Network, The Weather Channel, and more. 


 We are a boutique music publishing company and record label with 200% clearance on all of our music in our catalog. We can license music pretty quickly.  We strive to produce quality and exciting new music as well as maintaining efficient business practices. We support our artists and give them room to grow as artists and explore their talents. 

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Code 3 Records owned and operated by Kathleen and Daniel Daidone. With a passion for music and a desire to stay independent. Dan and Kathleen have been working together to build a label that supports the artist and stays true to the indie spirit.

Our first experience in the world of music started in 2003. Artist extraordinaire, Billy Blob, used 2 of our songs in his animation short Bumble Beeing. A few weeks later, we received word that Bumble Beeing was accepted into the Sundance Film Festival. We were thrilled to be a part of such a unique opportunity so we drove from Philadelphia to Park City, Utah to be a part if it. Along the way, we took advantage of our trip to stop and meet Billy Blob at his home in Kansas City. We learned a great deal from the experience and soon after Code3 Records was born
Officer Roseland Limited is a record label and music publisher. 
Officer Roseland Limited’s record label is called, Code 3 Records.
Officer Roseland Limited is also the music publisher name.