About C3R

Code 3 Records, is a new kind of business serving the music industry that works for the artist and helps them grow and organize their personal brand and intellectual property.

Founded by Musicians, we have over 15 years of experience placing our artists’ music in film, television, radio and video games. Our client list includes: Showtime, Comedy Central, MTV, Discovery Channel, The Ovation Network, The Weather Channel, and more.

We are a boutique music business with 200% clearance on all of the music in our catalog. We can license music quickly.  We strive to produce quality and exciting new music as well as maintaining efficient business practices. We support our artists and give them room to grow as artists and explore their talents.

Code 3 Records represents independent artists and ensures seamless and easy to license music without any clearance conflicts. Code 3 Records expedites the whole process and provides our TV/FILM industry associates with exciting, new, carefully selected music that is up to industry standards.

Code 3 Records is owned and operated by Kathleen and Daniel Daidone. With a passion for music and a desire to stay independent.  We have been helping artists for over a decade to protect their intellectual property as well as finding sync licensing opportunities. We help artists of all ages and stages in their career. We offer music services and sync licensing opportunities. “We believe if you created it, you should own it, and then license it!”

The industry has been changing so rapidly it can be difficult to keep up. We built a team to help artists protect, market, and license their music. We offer a collection of services to properly register artists to ensure they are collecting the maximum amount of royalties offered to them worldwide. New royalty streams are being created. Most artists are unaware or overwhelmed with information that many artists may not know these royalty streams even exist. Our job is to know what these new royalty streams are and to register artists with these agencies. We will take care of the boring business stuff, so artists can keep creating.

Our first experience in the world of music started in 2003. Artist extraordinaire, Billy Blob, used 2 of our songs in his animation short Bumble Beeing. A few weeks later, we received word that Bumble Beeing was accepted into the Sundance Film Festival. We were thrilled to be a part of such a unique opportunity.  We drove from Philadelphia to Park City, Utah to be a part if it. Along the way, we took advantage of our trip to stop and meet Billy Blob at his home in Kansas City. We learned a great deal from the experience and soon after Code 3 Records was born.


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Officer Roseland Limited is a music services business and music publisher. 

Officer Roseland Limited’s music services business is called, Code 3 Records.

Officer Roseland Limited, LLC is the music publisher name.